Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review of new Taylor, Texas Restaurant, The Lucky Duck Cafe

So here's our very fresh unbiased report of the new Lucky Duck Cafe. This cafe is owned by the same people who operate the Good Luck Grill in Manor, Texas.

When we walked in, the noise level was pretty crazy, although I could hear the Theme from a Summer Place playing. Unexpected. LOL

 The design is rustic/country, although it still sounds and feels a bit like a warehouse. I loved the colorful mural done by the high school students and the little architectural details on the pine doors and the tin roof over the order bar.

It's obvious that if the place was really full, they'd have a few problems with ordering. You walk in and stand at a very short order bar then you sit down and they call you when the food is ready. The front was packed with people standing around in just a few minutes. When the ice cream parlor is open, I can see further problems unless they put the menus at the door so people can look at them while waiting to order.

It took about 20 minutes for us to get our order, but we noticed a couple that waited over 35 minutes for two sandwiches.

I had the small catfish dinner and Rudy had the pulled pork sandwich. He really liked his, although it was missing the cole slaw. He tracked down an employee and got it. My catfish was hot, although way too spicy for me. The fries were cold, although I like the batter which seems to be flour based. The fries also seemed spicy. The hush puppies had jalapenos in them. The slaw was OK, but had too much pepper in it. In general, I dislike restaurants who feel they have to include pepper in every single item. Let people put it on themselves. But that's just me--a person with severe food sensitivities and an intolerance of spicy foods.

Utensils were plastic, plates were plastic and cups were styrofoam--another of my personal pet peeves. I hope they can add real utensils/plates and cups eventually.

In general, we'll give them another try. After all, we know they just opened. Things like missing/late orders, wrong orders, etc. can be fixed with proper attention to detail, but changing the basic recipes usually doesn't happen. I saw a couple of things on the menu I can try. Like hamburgers.

If you want basic, spicy fried foods in a family atmosphere, give it a try.